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Solid Surfaces

Solid Surfaces is now internationally recognised for its value to the world of design and architecture.  It is renowned for exceptional versatility, beauty and almost limitless applications for residential, public and commercial environments, both indoor and outdoor.  Workable to an unrestrained variety of forms and blending into seamless utility.  Solid surfaces can answer the challenges of multiple projects and applications.  Strong, homogenous, non-porus and resistant, it is a material as ingenious as the human imagination.  You can also create beautiful atmospheric lighting, you can illuminate furniture or abstract shapes to add definition and drama.  You can even explore back-lighting options to reveal a carved design, the possibilities are endless.  You can choose from a range of translucent colours that reveal the full radiance and depth when exposed to light.  Transform light into a tangible element to shape and mould. Solid surfaces come with a 10-15 yr. warranty and an enduring colour palette with over 100 colours to choose from.

Solid Surfaces bring many safety features to healthcare settings, from reducing the chance for contamination to eliminating sharp edges and making surfaces code-compliant.  With its inherent warmth and wide range of colours, Solid surfaces create a pleasing, more positive environment-eliminating the cold, institutionall feeling that patients and staff tend to expect from hospitals.


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